Tools for Medical Transcriptionists

The following Web sites provide information about tools and references that may be of benefit to transcriptionists.  Note that being listed here does not constitute an endorsement of any product or resource.

Web Site Name Brief Description of Contents from Web Site the largest independent provider of dictation systems and equipment in the U.S.  A good starting place if you are looking for equipment..
Stedman’s Smartype Stedman’s Smartype – Speedtyping Software for Microsoft Word works seamlessly from within the word processing program, greatly increasing Medical Transcriptionists’ productivity. Allows users to easily expand characters into words and phrases, reducing overall keystrokes. The result? You save valuable time and make more money!
Stedman’s Electronic Medical Dictionary Version 7.0 contains over 107,000 medical terms including 5,000 new terms and is complete with definitions, audio pronunciations, etymologies, hyphenations, images, tables, and animations. Only Stedman’s provides comprehensive content in an easy-to-use, flexible electronic format.
Stedman’s Quick Look Electronic Drug Reference Fully updated for 2007, Quick Look Electronic Drug Reference provides instant access to thousands of trade and generic drug names — just click n’ go to the drug information you need!
Stedman’s Electronic Medical Word References Fast and easy access to accurate and current terminology.  Available in print and electronic formats.
The AAMT Book of Style A Searchable Medical Transcription Style Guide
Stedman’s Plus Spellchecker The newest ethical/OTC drugs and clinical trial drugs, plus the latest laboratory tests, diagnostic procedures, surgical operations, and equipment/instrumentation.
Word MVP This website collects the best knowledge on Microsoft Word.
Keyboard Shortcuts for Word The following is a list of keyboard shortcuts that are available in Microsoft Word 2002 and in Microsoft Office Word 2003.
ASCII Character Chart Need to insert a special character in a document?  Here are the shortcuts.

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