Information for Healthcare Providers

The quality of the transcribed documents you receive has a direct relationship to the effort made to provide a great dictation! This page, and the pages it references, are aimed at helping improve the dictations you submit as well as building a successful partnership with your transcription service provider.

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Improve Your Dictations and Your Relationship with Your Transcription Service

Transcriptionists will tell all sorts of horror stories about the background noises they endure trying to prepare a document for a provider. Listed here are a number of resources to help you make it easier for them to deliver what you want, without them having to listen to sidebar conversations or restroom breaks. You will also find information to help establish and build a long-lasting relationship with your transcription provider.

HIPAA Compliance

One major provision of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996 addressed the security and privacy of health data. While virtually everyone has heard of it, it is amazing how little it is truly understood. Did you know that it is the provider’s responsibility to ensure that the procedures followed when transmitting dictations to or receiving transmissions from transcriptionists maintains the security and privacy of the information? Find out more about HIPAA and make sure you do your part to maintain compliance.

Links to Medical References

For your convenience, here are several of the most commonly accessed medical research Web sites.