How Axis Transcription Service Can Save Your Practice Money

Every practice is interested in commanding the best transcription service possible with the least amount of expense. ATS understands this core philosophy. Here are some of the ways that putting your trust in ATS can save your practice money.

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Rates and Billing Philosophy

Most transcription service providers bill on a per line or other document-based statistical basis. A little-known truth is that many do not have the proper tools to accurately determine the very statistic that they are basing their invoice on!

For example, a transcription service using Microsoft Word to determine line counts – rather than a tool designed for this express purpose – will charge your practice for the blank lines in the transcribed documents! One of our clients determined that they were paying as much as 25% more with their service than with ATS.

Our philosophy is to bill based on the effort involved in producing the document, not formatting.

Equipment and Personnel

You shouldn’t have to fight old, worn out, or bulky dictation equipment. ATS can provide your practice new digital dictation equipment that integrates with your computer system and our software for electronic delivery and provides a higher quality recording.

In addition, outsourcing your transcription services can reduce your in-house payroll and intangible expenses (screening and hiring, training, etc.). Personnel involved in transcription can be retasked or shifts reduced.

Referral Bonus Program

Established customers can earn credits for referring providers to ATS for their transcription needs. Contact ATS for more information on our referral program.