Services Offered by Axis Transcription Service

The following is a brief primer on the services offered by ATS.

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We utilize the Internet to provide a common framework for transmission of dictations and transcribed documents. All dictations are sent to our server encoded with a HIPAA-compliant private key that only your practice and ATS has. Our Web server is hosted by redundant facilities in Houston and Atlanta and protected by uninterruptible power supplies, backup generators, biometric access equipment and security cameras. ATS uses the latest software to ensure that as soon as new medicines are developed and diseases identified they are included in our database. You have 24/7/365 upload access.

Rest assured that all our transcriptionists speak native-US English and that even after using sophisticated spelling- and grammar-checking software, each document is manually reviewed by an experienced transcriptionist and any remaining corrections made before being sent to your office.

Media Capabilities

In addition to supporting digital dictation devices uploading to our server via the Internet, ATS can also transcribe from minicassette for local accounts.

Prompt Completion

Most dictations are transcribed within one business day from the time they are received. With electronic delivery of your transcribed documents, your practice gets them back just as soon as they are completed. Local delivery of printed documents is also available.

Need something in a hurry? No problem. Just contact ATS and let us know. The same person who answers the phone can ensure that your dictation is expedited.

Archiving and Offsite Backup

Once your dictations are transcribed and returned to your office, the associated electronic files are archived on our equipment. This provides offsite storage in the event of unexpected loss. At periodic intervals ATS will provide a disc containing these archived files to your office.